Do I Have MS

imageUnfortunately this is a question that more and more people are asking themselves these days. Wherever you look in the world there are an increasing amount of people being diagnosed with MS. This includes people here in the UK, where over 200 people a month are being diagnosed. The UK is interesting for other reasons too, as Scotland has the highest rate (per capita) of MS in the World!

If you are in this situation where you are asking yourself, if you have MS? In this day and age, when we are not sure what something we usually "Google It", as it more often than not gives us the right answer or provides us with a good idea. However, sometimes it can provide us with inaccurate and/or misleading information. This can be especially crucial when searching for medical related enquiries. This is not to rubbish all internet medical searches, but it is important to act with caution, as you can't believe everything you read on the internet.


Initially your reason for searching or asking the question is because you may have had one or a number of strange sensations or new things happening to your body. Initially, these may look very much like MS Symptoms, but it can be a number of other things too. So, do not believe that because your symptoms match up with some of those experienced by people who have MS, that you have MS. Yes, it may be a possibility, but there are a number of possibilities of which MS is just one.

The most frustrating part about MS, is not knowing whether you have it or not. Having gone through an eight month diagnosis period myself, I know how much it can play on your mind. It's also not easy for the Doctors and Consultants taking you through the testing, as they have strict criteria they have to follow before they can confirm a diagnosis of MS. They may initially have a rough idea, but still need to follow the criteria, which is known as the McDonald Criteria. This is accepted right across the World as the correct process to follow.

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