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imageOne of things I noticed was that, most people out there are Positive and want to "grab the bull by the horns" and just get on with it. When I spoke to these people I was just frustrated that they had no where they could go and express themselves.

It's great to speak to these people as they have some great stories and inspiring ones at that. Recently I was speaking to a lady at one of the centres I attend and was saying how she had battled her way back from having a brain tumour. She also expressed feelings of frustration at the information out there and said after reading up on the subject, she almost felt like "topping herself".

She's now in a position where she is getting out and about and has a great attitude. Another person was a gentleman who'd had a brain injury and was setting himself goals to achieve and now was on the verge of returning to work and was really looking forward to it. It led me to believe people just need to hear something positive to back up their own thoughts.


So you can see it's not just the people with MS, it goes much wider than that. There are many conditions out there and different challenges to face. However whatever the challenge may be, we owe it to ourselves to be and remain positive about it.

There are medical facts out there that we need to be aware of and take into consideration. However we must not let this change our positive attitude.

With all the information I'd read on MS and my experiences I just felt, that it can't be right and it shouldn't be allowed to happen. And I for one will do my best that is doesn't and I came to the conclusion that I had to do something!

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