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imageSitting in the bath: With MS, I know that the heat is not good for us, but for me sitting in the bath is probably the most relaxing thing you can do. Obviously extra care is required and the heat of the water can be an issue, but once you've taken the right precautions, it's just great! I find that you can lie back and just relax. I find that it will take away any stress and fill you with calmness. Btw, I'd also recommend taking in a bottle of water to drink.



Red Bull – In my opinion this is the worst thing you can probably have if you have MS. I remember prior to my diagnosis I used to drink it of I went out; when I did I began to notice a pattern. My legs would very heavy afterwards and I could barely walk, I mean I walked with a limp, but this made my leg feel like a lead weight. It was awful; I soon stopped drinking Red Bull and similar drinks.

Boiled sweets – I've always loved boiled sweets, such as pear drops, aniseed twist and such like, but more recently I've noticed that they make me feel weaker and make my legs feel worse. You might say this is obvious and too many sweets are bad for you, but this was just too obvious. Maybe MS makes the feelings more profound. There is no evidence s such to suggest this, but why wait for someone to conduct a study to tell you that this sort of things magnifies the ms symptoms.

Saunas: To be honest I like the heat, but with MS I feel that too much heat is unhealthy and I found this out to my peril. When on holiday a few years ago I was in a Turkish baths and thought it'd be great to clear out the pores. While in there, I was using the Sauna and it felt great, others used it and left. However I continued to stay in there and was enjoying the heat, but it was only when I eventually came out that I felt the full effects. I was all over the place and thought I was going to feint! I felt dehydrated and dizzy. After investigating why, I now realise heat of that nature is too good for MS sufferers due to the effects on the muscles and nerves of the heat. I also feel that due to the MS I could not actually feel how hot is actually was in there.

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