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This is what people call the proverbial "Can of worms". Let me start of by saying that all the doctors, professionals, researchers and organisations do a great job. However for all their and everyone's efforts, we just don't what causes MS nor do we know how to cure it. Some of you might say that, this is stating the obvious, but nevertheless it is still odd.

We have a condition that affects people across the world, much time and money has been invested, but we still don't know!

So for it's worth here is my opinion:

If you look at MS and the affects it has, I pretty much agree with the experts with regards to the condition relating to nerves and how it's all about messages from the brain not getting the parts of the body.

If you look at the condition and it's origins, you can see that according the chart below it is most prevalent in North America, Western Europe and Australasia. However you must bear in mind that these figures are risk factors, as in 1961:


The above chart relates to the 1960's. The argument has always been that the further away from the equator you live, the higher the chance of you getting MS. However if you look at the chart below this is a more up to date chart of MS.


From this it is possible to see that these countries that are near the equator or those previously with no or little evidence of MS are now getting MS, and the reason??? Here it is:

I personally believe that MS is a very simple condition and when we find out what the cure is, it will be almost a case where we feel like kicking ourselves, as I believe it will be that obvious!

I believe the cause of MS has something to do with nature and nurture.

In short I believe that many more of us have MS, some of us don't even know it, as the symptoms are so mild that they are almost not worth investigating or that they are not causing any major problems so they are ignored. So I truly believe the people in the world who have MS is significantly more than those who have actually been diagnosed with it.. So that's the nature bit.


In terms of nurture, I believe that there is something we do that accelerates the MS symptoms, thus making it more profound and intensified. It is something we do, something we eat or drink or habits we might have. As it seems so odd that sometimes siblings and close family members have MS and with others it's the first person in the family. I think unknowingly we have or are doing something that ultimately causes or brings about the symptoms of MS. I feel that a lot of us have something in our bodies that resembles the early stages or symptoms of MS, but there is something within the nurture that accelerates these mild symptoms.

What you may ask? Well I believe it's something that we have or have had in the "West". A very vague example would be fast food establishments. I can always remember them, but it's only recently that these brand names of fast food have started to appear in the Middle East and and Asian sub continent due to globalisation.

Let's not get into economics, but the point I'm trying to make is that I believe it is something that we have exported to these areas that has caused the increase in MS. As I said this could be anything, but I have used one example.


At this point I want to refer to my earlier point of nature. As I said, I believe that many people across the world have something in them that makes them more susceptible to MS and it's the nurture that makes this susception materialise. This is why we are seeing MS spread to other parts of the world. I've not researched this but, I bet these places that are increasing in there cases of MS have also become more "globalised".

Once again this is only my theory, but I think it's pretty close to the truth. I also believe it's only a matter of time before we find what it is that's causing the MS and when we do, it will be simple to both cure and manage.

In my minds eye I believe it is a condition that will be easily managed, such as diebeties is managed. It will be a simple injection or tablet, and once taken it will allow people with MS to live normal lives.

Like with anything on this site, please feel free to add comments and/or make suggestions.

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