It is important to address your options and not ignore it. Don't expect things to "work themselves out" or think it will just go away and things will be fine. I did this myself and found myself reacting to situations rather than being proactive. You need to know and understand your condition and be aware of the future. Also remember boss' change and the person who you work for now and has been very supportive may change and then you may have to deal with someone who does know you and is unaware of your history. Therefore when you have an opportunity to deal with things, make sure you do. Most of all make sure this is documented and put in your personal file.

I would also suggest staying with the same company and also even when changing jobs internally make sure people know you. People you work with will know who you are and what you are capable of. They will know your legacy and past achievements and when adaptations or changes are made they will be more understanding and onside.

In a new work environment, they will just see the "new" you and will be unaware of past success. They may not know what others know about you and just how hard you have worked and the dedication you showed the company. As, you can't walk around with your CV stuck to your head.


They will just see you for what you do now, so if moving jobs, be aware of the company and/or department you are moving too.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to join us on twitter/facebook and get the ideas of others who may be in the same situation or if you prefer, you can contact me directly via the Contact Us page.

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