Places To Go

imageHolidays and going out is a must! Not just for people with MS or disabilities, but for everyone.

Off course having a disability does make a difference and we have to take the necessary advise and precautions, to make sure that when we do go anywhere, we enjoy ourselves and not spend time worrying about accessibility!

A big thanks for this goes to twitter, from which I have come across more and more organisations that offer accessible trips and holidays. Some of them have their own buildings and resorts, while others have a directory of places that you can visit, not only in the UK, but right across the World!

I don't want to mention any in particular, but if you were to search twitter with the phrase:

image"accessible holidays"

It will provide you with a number. Please don't see this as an endorsement of those on twitter, but I want to see just how much choice there is out there and just how accessible the World is becoming.


imageI would like also like to mention a place that I have a number people talk about, this is the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It has become synonymous with people with disabilities and from my experience especially for people with MS. It is a well known holiday's destination and is highly regarded for its accessible beaches, hotels and shops supplying disability products. This includes items from crutches to Carers!

imageI would ask you to research this destination, as it is becoming a very popular destination for people with disabilities.

imageBelow are a few pictures I found on the internet that highlight some of the key features.

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