Due to the complicated nature of MS, it gives the person who has the condition a number of symptoms. However, this can be different for all. As not all people with MS have the exact same symptoms, some may have just one or two, where others may have several.

It is also important to remember that these symptoms/signs do not automatically mean MS.

From personal experience the initial symptoms or changes within my body was numbness in my right thigh, which led to a small limp. I also noticed the more vigorous exercise I did or the warmer my leg got the more profound my limp and/or numbness. I also developed pins and needles in my right hand, I also then realised that my sensation and feeling in my right hand was less. An example was when I was playing pool/snooker. I would have to look back and check that I was still holding the cue, as I could barely feel the grip.


Other signs and symptoms people may incur, could include:

- Balance problems
- Vertigo
- Optic Neuritis (blurry vision)
- Tripping and/or falling
- Clumsiness
- Tiredness/fatigue

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