Something's Wrong

It was at around this point and realised that something is wrong. It was not only the limp in my leg, but also was having a few problems with balance too.

While I was off work there was no miracle recovery or even improvement in my situation and I found myself confused to what is going on. During this time I went back into work to speak to my Personnel and Store manager as regards to returning to work. If I found this situation odd, God only knows what they were thinking. Normally, if you're not well or off work, you see the Doctor, you take your medicine, you get better and everything is back to normal.

Here I was, I was off and I didn't know why?

I learnt a very important lesson at this point, I learned that you need to help people come up with ideas and have your own suggestions. As others don't know what is going on in your body or how you feel. I assumed there would be a magic wand what they would wave and there would be a solution, however it doesn't work like that.


After a bit of a discussion about my health, it became clear that I could physically not go back to work and continue in my existing position. And, you can imagine, when working in a supermarket, all jobs have a physical nature to them.

Luckily we came to a solution; well maybe not a solution, but an idea for the time being. This would allow us all some breathing space until we found out what was going on with me.

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