Support is available from a number of different resources, of which I briefly mentioned above. Here are some obvious and maybe not so obvious options:

- Work (Make your boss aware of what you are going through and make suggestions. No one apart from yourself know, what you need and how you feel)

- Educate (Many people don't know what MS is and are unaware of what is means, so try to educate those who need to know. With families this can be done in an informal way, even while watching TV, but with work, sometimes it is best if they read for themselves. They are more likely to understand this way, so point them in the direction of websites.)

- You (be aware of what your limitations are, there is no need to be a hero)

- MS Centres (This can be a local MS Centre or something similar. A lot of the time there is someone there who can offer advice and they will mention things that you have not even thought of, so speak to them. I spoke to staff at my local Brain And Spinal Injury Clinic (BASIC) and both Phil and Mary were very helpful!

- DWP (In the UK we have the Department of Work and Pensions. One of their many roles is to offer advice and help to disabled people who work. They will make you aware of schemes)


- Local government (This will again involve your work place and how they can make your journey to and from work and your time in work more accessible and easier. It includes a wide variety of options)

- Adaptations (You may well need adaptations to your vehicle, clothes and various other things. The chances are the adaptation does exist, but because you have previously not needed them you are simply not aware they exist. So please research and look into this and I am sure you will be surprised what there is out there!

- Home (Making changes to your home life can impact your work life, as your body will no longer be able to do all the things you previously did, so being clever and more strategic about when and where you go out will help. You need a work life balance, this is important also; otherwise before you know it, you will be just working, eating and sleeping.

At times you may feel awkward or even embarrassed about asking for things, but you should not! You need the support to help you carry on working, so use what resources and options you have.

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Positive About MS is a Voluntary organisation based in Manchester, UK. For more detailed information please contact us