The Bad Days

Listen. Yes, the website is called, “Positive About MS”, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days. From what I've read, spoke to people about and experienced, we know having MS is not easy, some days are hard and the other, well they’re very hard! So what does that mean? Does it mean we just shut up shop and say, that’s it I can’t do it anymore. No, not at all, it means that we stay positive and the other thing is that we do is, understand that we’ll have bad days where we don't feel too great.

There is nothing wrong with them days where you feel down and upset, them days where you feel sorry for yourself and ask that eternal question, why me?

When you have anything go wrong or when things don’t go according plan, the natural reaction is to ask, why? So in my opinion that completely explains why we ask for reasons to why things are the way they are, and it is only human to question this.

On those bad days it’s almost like you want to scream out from the pit of your stomach and want to seek some sort of justification for everything. Those days are not the best, as you find yourself in a foul mood and thinking in an emotionally flooded way. Then, you try to rationalise it and move from being emotionally flooded to the other extreme of being rationally flooded, where in your mind there is an answer for everything.


When going through this we’ll all have different ways of dealing it. Some may scream and shout, others may bang and clatter, some may stay silent and contemplate and for the rest it may be a combination of all.

However, the main thing to remember about this phase is exactly that, that it is a phase and you will pass it. It’s hard to explain these phases, as you don’t know when they will come along, but in my opinion they will, as I’ve explained in my Emotional Cycle of MS page. So when you go through this phase, that’s what you do, you go through it and then move on.

So in conclusion, I say it’s just one of those things you go through it and move on. Don’t dwell too long on it, cos that’s not gonna help you nor is it gonna get you anywhere. Just move on, and as hard as it may be, remain Positive!

If you’re one of those people who don’t go through this then, ignore what I’ve

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