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For those of you who have heard me speak or attended one of my presentations, you will know the emphasis that I put on MS Strategy! This can prove to very useful indeed and can make life much easier, especially when going out.

Here are few bullet points that be used as guides and pointers to help with MS Strategy. Some of these may not apply to you and may be specific to people with greater mobility needs.

More strategic – I mention in the benefits section of the website, that due to MS we become more strategic, I believe this is based on us having to think more and result we should use this to our advantage.

Think About – It's important to consider this, as it can impact the rest of the day. As it makes a big difference when you eat and drink, when you use the toilets and when you leave home and return. It also depends on where you are going, as this can impact things like accessibility and parking.

Timings – When you know that you may not be able to do things and the same pace and speed that you use to, it's crucial to give yourself that extra bit of time. The extra will avoid getting into difficult situations and avoid having to rush and cause yourself more problems by having a fall/accident.

The Mental list – I came up with this after making the same mistakes on a number of occasions. The idea is that before you go downstairs or leave the house you have mental list of the things you will need for where you are going. This means there is less chance of getting something.


Facilities – I find it useful to know where the toilets are if they are accessible at the location where you are going. Also important to see you accessible the venue is.

Google – This is one of best research tools, as the street view section allows you to see exactly where you are going and allows you to plan parking, which entrance you are going to use and how scooter friendly the environment is.

Investigate – You need to know that the destination you are going to is not going to cause you problems and make things difficult. Use all tools at your disposal and even call ahead and ask the location if there is anything that a person with limited mobility would need to consider if coming to their establishment.

Limitations – Know your own limitations, sometimes your pride clouds your judgement, but in the long run it is best to be realistic. It will avoid you getting into tricky situations and will give you peace of mind.

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