Useful Items

The shoe horn

imageThis includes the short one and the extended one. The extended one is great as means that I don't have to bend to put my shoe on and nor do I have to struggle. The short one comes in handy when I'm out, as its small enough to put in my pocket and discreet enough not to stand out too much. I bought mine from

Hand gel

imageHere I refer to hygienic or anti-bacterial gel that you can get to clean hand. It saves having to negotiate my way to a sink, especially when out somewhere. These days they are very cheap and come in large pump action bottles or small squeezable bottles you can put in your pocket. They'll clean your hands and have them feeling fresh in no time.

Mans bag

imageAfter many months and years of deliberation I have found this to be a fantastic idea, also the fact they are in fashion makes them more acceptable. They are fantastic for putting all your things in. It means you don't have to worry about losing or forgetting things, as all you need is in the bag. For me I have a problem with grip, so when I use to take my phone out of my pocket there is a good chance of dropping it, now this makes life easier. As you can carry all you need in the bag. I personally use a small Nike one that I got from Scotts Sports (Bolton). Can also be bought online

Luggie Scooter

imageThis is a great invention and makes life so much easier and allows to go and visit places that I thought would be out of bounds for me. It is an off road scooter, so is great for pavements and indoors. Its unique point is that it folds away can be put in the back of the car and all this in "one piece"; it can also be pulled like a small suitcase. It's not light, but at about 20kgs is still pretty good. Available in a number of places, I got mine from who were very helpful and delivered!

Bath Board:

imageFor me this is very useful and almost essential from a safety point of view. This board is made to sit across the bath allowing you take a seat while having a shower and reduces the risk of slipping. If you speak to your local council disability services, they will be able to help.



imageIf I'm being honest, this is my least favourite. This is because of the pride factor, however once you get past that, you realise it's a God sent. It's hard admitting to yourself that you can't use steps, but sometimes that's the case. If you don't admit it, you find yourself not coming downstairs and making excuses. However, once we'd had it fitted it has give me a certain amount of freedom back and I'm glad that I finally said yes and succumbed to what my family had been saying. They always have my best interests at heart, but it's hard over coming that pride. They are expensive, but there is a place that does reconditioned ones that come with a warranty. My aunty referred my mum to were their service was both fast and efficient.

There are other things that can help and make life that little bit easier. These include grabbers and other household aids. I usually pop to Bolton and buy them from a mobility store called RDK. They are helpful and useful and carry a good range. I also find their prices reasonable; you can also contact them online.


imageThis carry case can be used alongside your "Man bag"

The Man bag is great and does pretty much what you need, but this trabsack gives you more options. When travelling, going to events, conferences or meetings it becomes a lot more practical. It is big enough to put your A4 sized documents in, mobile devices and laptop/tablets.

The surface acts like a desk and the reverse side rests perfectly on your legs, which gives the surface side, stability. You can use the hard surface to work from and even eat your lunch, as it's perfect for putting sandwiches on. I know the purpose is not to eat your lunch from it, but if you are using a wheelchair or scooter, it makes life that little bit easier.


imageThis ramp is portable, in one piece and relatively light weight. The design allows it to be used with both a mobility scooter and wheelchair. Once again it gives you freedom and independence! We're lucky these days, we have many accessible areas where we live, but often come across the odd step or curb that we cannot negotiate, this maybe when visiting somewhere new or on holiday. Thanks to this ramp, we can! I initially saw it being used at the entrance of an old listed building. It made the building accessible and at a very low cost too, plus it can be taken away when not being used.

imageI personally leave in the back of the car or even on my scooter. Just need to make sure someone is with you to put it in place. It comes in various sizes, I personally use the 2ft version. It also has fixtures that allow you to make it a permanent fixture if required:


imageI have the fixed version of this frame at home and was really pleased to see there was a foldable version. It's great as it allows you to go anywhere and use the frame, especially when on holiday. It gives you safety in probably the most dangerous place, given the hard flooring and ceramic products you're surrounded by.

imageIt's very easy to open and close and can be done in seconds. It also comes with a discrete black bag, which I took when travelling abroad. Overall its very well made and very useful!:


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