What Next

Adapt and evolve is a good place to start.

MS is not a life choice nor is it something you can plan in advance for as it's not expected. However we need to make sure we adapt to our life and do what we can. So if that asking for support, then that what needs to be done.

Be aware of all the work place schemes available to you. These can be offered by the work place and by local and national government schemes. You will be surprised to see what is available.

Understand your own needs and make sure that people are aware of them. I know the last thing you want to do is draw un wanted attention towards yourself and make things difficult for others, but people will understand and it will become the norm. Remember you are not a new employee.


Plan and organise much more and maybe make a work diary, so you know what you are doing and where you are going to be. You need to be aware of your limitations and most of all don't under estimate the impact of fatigue. I did this myself and just ended up pushing myself everyday and working harder to compensate for not being able to do certain things. Eventually my body just almost gave up and I realised too late that I had pushed myself too hard!

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