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Here are other people who are also "PositiveAboutMS".

imageDr Tom Gilhooly (GP and Medical Director at Essential Health Clinic)

"Well done Kaz. We need more positive messages for the MS community and I am sure you will help achieve this. Keep up the good work !"

imageMark Lewis:

Lawyer, acting on behalf of celebrities and people affected by Murdoch phone-hacking scandal. Dubbed, "Rupert Murdoch's worst nightmare"

"I never chose to have MS and would never choose to have it. BUT I've got it. I have a better standard of health than some and worse than others. One has to treat it as a challenge. You have to believe that the cup is half full not half empty. My right hand does not work but my left does and more importantly my brain does.

I remember when I was diagnosed, a sufferer told me "we are the lucky ones" an odd thought "most people go through their lives forgetting to live". Years ago I applied for a job. I hid my MS until the 2nd interview. The potential employer panicked.

I complained to my recruiter "It's not fair, I might not have MS but get run over by a bus" he replied "it could be worse, an employee might be so bad that the boss might want him to be run over". He was right, it's the ability not the disability that counts. I will never play football for England but that's because I'm 46 and no good at football."


Danny Wallace (Former Footballer who also has MS)

image"Don't isolate yourself. Keep a good sense of humour and take each day as it comes."

Mr Motivator

imageWell known as the exercise enthusiast who got a nation moving! More recently was the star of an MS exercise DVD, made by the MS Trust. DVD is called "Move it for MS"

"We can all achieve based on what we believe!"

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