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imageSomething I will always remember seeing is an episode of Waterloo Road (which I actually like), where one of the young female teachers had been diagnosed with MS, people's first reactions when she told them was, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" and then people were almost passing on their condolences.

This really annoyed me. Then a few weeks later while flicking through the channels, by chance Waterloo Road was on. I just thought I'd see what was going on, and what I saw made me sick (not physically). There was a memorial service going on for that very same teacher, I carried on watching to see why, as from all the stuff I've read, it never said anything about MS being life threatening. It transpired that the story line was that she'd killed herself! I couldn't believe it, I was annoyed and shocked at this and I thought, That's it! Something has to be done! It's at that point where I thought this can't continue, they can't continue portraying this condition in such as a manner.

The weeks went by and then there was something on the news about a lady who I'll not mention, who wanted the right to kill herself at a clinic somewhere in Europe. After listening to the case, I found out that, she wanted to clarify if her husband would get into trouble if he took her to the clinic in order to end her life in a couple of years time when her condition got worse. Believe me when I say this, but


I really did not understand what on earth she was doing and why. Here is this tenacious, brave and determined woman who is taking the country's law makers to court, in order for her to be able to kill herself! This did not make sense to me then and nor does it now.

For me the irony of it all was summarised perfectly by a Daily paper's front page headline the day after the court case, which ended up with the Law Lords of all places. It said, imageThis is the face of the woman who has found out she has the right to kill herself (or words to that effect), and it has a photo of this woman beaming from ear to ear waving a paper. It just did not make any sense.

Yes I know the condition is meant to get worse by it's nature, but there is no need for all this. Then again after reading the websites and leaflets that I referreed to earlier, can you blame her? Sorry about the waffle, but this is what compelled me to do something and what has led to the setting up of this website!

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