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This section is where you can put in your own personal story or a story that you know off. It is here to give real life stories that can help us all and fill us with determination! I encourage all to send in their stories!

The idea is to give hope and inspiration to everyone and also to let people know how you have coped with your own situation or condition.

I was watching the regional news channel in early December 2010 and there was an article about a 25 year old lady who was recovering from a stroke. She was married and the mother of a young child. The report mentioned that as a result of the stroke, she was now paralysed from the neck down and could only communicate by moving her eyes, this is more complicated than I thought. Basically her husband has to go through the alphabet and when he gets to the right letter she would move her eyes up, this is how she would spell out words.

The reporter went on, while sitting at the bed side of the lady with the husband explaining how they aim to make process. Off course my heart went out to them and I was just shocked, but I was also so pleased and happy with the determination that they were showing. This story was in the media while I was writing the website, so fits in perfectly and it only makes sense that I mention it.


The reason I put it in is because I believe it fits in perfectly with this website not only for the Positive nature, but to show that compared to that situation, MS is a walk in the park.

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